Trump Avoids World War 3, Reaches Deal With Russia on Syrian Cease-Fire

Trump-Putin reach agreement on Syria.

image credits: Mikhail Metzel\tass via getty

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin reached a cease-fire agreement for Syria after meeting in person at the G20 summit on 7/7 for two hours.

The deal is a total reversal of the Obama/Clinton war-mongering agenda that destroyed US-Russian relations and brought the Western world to the brink of war.  On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton expressed support for a no-fly zone over Syria that would have been enforced by shooting down Russian aircraft.

As of press time, there are no details of the cease-fire other than the fact it will take effect Sunday.

Courtesy of the AP:

Earlier in the week, Syria’s military had said it was halting combat operations in the south of Syria for four days, in advance of a new round of Russia-sponsored talks in Astana. That move covered southern provinces of Daraa, Quneitra and Sweida. Syria’s government briefly extended that unilateral cease-fire, which is now set to expire Saturday – a day before the U.S. and Russian deal would take effect.

The new agreement to be announced Friday will be open-ended, one U.S. official said, describing it as part of broader U.S. discussions with Russia on trying to lower violence in the war-ravaged country. Officials said the U.S. and Russia were still working out the details as Trump and Putin concluded their more than two-hour meeting on Friday.

If both sides honor this agreement, President Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for defusing a potentially catastrophic situation.

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