‘The Maverick’ Podcast: – CNN’s Credibility Crisis (Epic Roundtable)

Podcast on CNN’s lies and distortions exposed by Project Veritas, the state of Trump’s presidency, the future of the “travel ban” and more.

This week, it’s the 100th edition of “The Maverick” Podcast! Listen as host Benjamin Knight is joined by “Double A” the Amendment Avenger, Chad “Dr. Truth” Holdsclaw and “Sustainable Life” Mark for an epic roundtable on the following:

-The lies and distortions of CNN exposed by Project Veritas.

-Slate decries Neil Gorsuch as “scarier than we thought,” they’re afraid of him! What the future of the Supreme Court will look like under Trump’s presidency.

-The future of the “travel ban.”

-Anti-globalist patriot Michael Snyder is running for congress.

-What is President Trump doing wrong? Knight, Holdsclaw, “Double A” and Mark offer some constructive criticism for the Trump administration.

You can’t miss this EPIC roundtable! Check it out below:

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