‘The Maverick’ Podcast #101: Leftist Media Declares War on Free Speech

Podcast on Trump’s epic speech in Poland, CNN threatening a private citizen AND MORE!

This week on “The Maverick” Podcast, host Benjamin Knight will cover the latest breaking news on the following:

— CNN threatening to release private information on the Reddit user who created a funny Trump-CNN meme.

— North Korea launching a missile on July 4th, a clear message to the United States that they’re developing the technology to strike the US mainland.

— President Donald Trump’s epic speech in Poland, a WIN for nationalistic patriots worldwide.

— A new survey revealing most people believe popular culture is a bad influence on children.

— Proof leftists are the religious pharisees of our time, except they worship the Democratic party and political correctness is their law.

Listen for all this AND MORE on episode 101 of THE MAVERICK.  Check it out below:

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