Scenes From President Trump’s Epic Poland Visit

As Americans across the country were waking up to begin their day on Thursday, President Trump was halfway across the globe speaking to a massive crowd of Polish citizens and government officials. President Trump received a warm welcome from the people of Poland as he geared up for what would be one of his most nationalistic speeches to date. For those of you who missed it, here are some of the best moments from President Trump’s visit.

What better way to start this thread than with the powerful conclusion of President Trump’s speech. Chants of “Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump” could be heard from the crowds as President Trump made passionate statements on the importance of western values in today’s world.


The speech was written by Trump base favorite, Stephen Miller.

Terrorism was also discussed.

President Trump also attended a news conference where the issue of fake news organizations like CNN were discussed.

Earlier in the day, President Trump and First Lady Melania attended a wreath laying ceremony where the crowd could be heard shouting “USA! USA! USA!” chants.

The crowds were YUGE.

President Trump received praise for his speech and visit from across the political spectrum.


It was a monumental visit and speech for President Trump and the western world. All across the globe we see ordinary people rising up against the globalist machine that is destroying our culture, traditions, and values. President Trump is leading the charge of the ordinary man and woman who wish to see western civilization preserved.

President Trump is now in Hamburg, Germany for the G20 summit.

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